Gustavo Lopez


Project Coordinator


11 Years

Background: I’ve been working in the customer services field for over ten years in the Advertising and Marketing industry.  After so many years, I felt complacent and needed a challenge so I jumped head first into the construction industry. I’ve been working as a project coordinator since late 2016, I always strive for excellence and complete customer satisfaction on each project.

What makes me the right man for the job is my patience and my ability to solve problems. For example, a few years back, my manager was preparing a meeting for a large client that was flying in. She had invested over a week into getting things prepared. The morning of the meeting, she was in a vehicle accident and was unable to make it into the office. We couldn’t cancel the meeting due to her absence so I took action and read through all her notes, took the meeting under my belt, met the clients, performed the presentation, and saw them off. The client was impressed and so were company executives. I received recognition for going above my position in order for the team’s success and customer satisfaction. There is always a solution for every problem, and I’m the guy who will go above and beyond to find it.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The thrill of solving a problem and the customers satisfaction of each project.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Travel, play with my cats and spend time with friends and family.